This Week in Costa Rica

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This Week in Costa Rica is a weekly, online radio program and podcast by US expat, Dan Stevens

This Week in Costa Rica is a weekly radio program broadcast on the Overseas Radio Network hosted by Dan Stevens

Dan Stevens


The Broken Road that has led Dan to Costa Rica and to the Jaco area has been one to write about and he has.  Growing up in Texas it has been a long and eventful journey to the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica.  

Dan was the typical kid growing up, high school and college athlete, good grades and following the path that is considered the "norm" in the USA.  High school, college, and then into being a cog in the US business world, but something did not seem right.  

After toiling away in various corporate jobs in the USA he decided to head to Costa Rica and find a new life and to step outside of the box. Unfortunately a party lifestyle caused him to have open heart surgery at the age of 33 and a need to redefine his path in life. 

A joy for writing and journalism, combined with his IT background allowed him to start The Costa Rican Times.  The online media source has grown into a favorite for many in Costa Rica and around the world.  Through his contacts in the area he combined forces with Corey Coates and started being a part of his weekly show, "This Week in Costa Rica." Upon Corey's departure to the great white north, Dan took over the podcast as the new host.

During his 7+ years in Costa Rica, Dan has developed a wide range of valuable contacts, information, and on-the-ground experience in this beautiful and popular escape destination.  In a country where networking and “who you know” is everything, Dan has a keen sense of who to talk to, who you can trust, and how to develop a sustainable and satisfying lifestyle in the land of Pura Vida!

Corey continues to enjoy living and working in Costa Rica as the proud host of This Week In Costa Rica on the Overseas Radio Network.  He is a the editor and owner of The Costa Rican Times and does marketing for several companies in Costa Rica. 

This Week in Costa Rica is provided “as is” without any representations or warranties, expressed or implied.  This Week in Costa Rica is produced by Podfly Productions, LLC and broadcast with permission by the Overseas Radio Network.